Being a professional athlete, my health is the single most important factor.  After having a grueling Major League Baseball season this year, Navesink Rehab has got my body back to full health, feeling ready and prepared for this upcoming season.  Mae and her team are not only professionals with a wide range of knowledge, but more importantly, great individuals who are personable and easy to work with.  They work in a positive environment allowing me to stay focused and complete the task at hand.  Navesink Rehab offers an array of services, with a focus and expertise in rehabilitation, chiropractic care, and Graston Technique.  For these reasons, I can offer only the highest recommendation for Navesink Rehab to anyone seeking to get their body back and performing at 100%!

- A. DeSclafani, MLB Player

"She had me at Hello".  Marylee "Mae" Capule and her staff are all I could have hoped for in a physical therapy rehabilitation center.  Hence, she has been my physical therapist for eight months now and has always provided the absolute best care. 

In addition, I believe she provided expert advice and a high level of treatment during every visit for my herniated discs (L4/L5.)  Furthermore, if you are looking for a Physical Therapist who is "off the map", someone who treats the whole person and takes the time to be caring even while maintaining a very efficient office, then "Mae" is your therapist.  In closing, "the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra". 

- Lori A.

It has been difficult to find a physical therapist that was able to "zone in", improve, and create a proper protocol towards correcting my specific conditions - until I met Mae and the amazing staff at Navesink Rehab.  The consultation was extremely comforting.  A plan was created and before long I was feeling a huge difference in my daily life. 

You are always made to feel at ease and treated as priority and not a number with a warm professional welcoming environment with the constant attention to your needs at each visit.  My only regret is that I didn't find Navesink Rehab sooner!  Thanks for always keeping my joints in check! 

Forever Grateful - Jenna A.

I was advised by two orthopedic surgeons that a fusion was necessary to relieve my pain.  To avoid surgery, as a last resort, I was referred to Navesink Rehab, by Greg Carbone.  Mae assured me that treatment would help my pain.  After 6 weeks of continuous therapy, I was able to work pain free without getting surgery.  She and her staff are extremely professional and a pleasure to go to.

- Matt W.

Phenomenal practice! After a horrific car accident with my car being totaled, I had a pulmonary embolism and was in the hospital and at an in patient rehab facility for several weeks.  When I started seeing Mae, I was walking with the assistance of a walker and was ascending and descending the stairs with great difficulty and pain.  On my first visit, Mae assessed my condition and physical limitations to determine an exercise plan.  Within 2 weeks, I was able to walk without my walker.  After an additional 3 weeks, I was able to use the stairs without any difficulty.  Mae and her staff are amazing!  They are extremely patient when explaining and directing their patients on how to effectively do their exercises and activities properly.  Their enthusiasm and caring disposition help their patients both physically and emotionally.  Additionally, the facility is new, clean, and organized with the latest equipment.  I highly recommend this practice.  

- Nancy Y.

Over the past few years, I have gone to several physical therapy facilities and would have to say that Navesink Rehab is by far the BEST!  I highly recommend Navesink Rehab for A++ in cleanliness and a very friendly and professional staff.

-Cathy M.

Navesink Rehab provides stellar physical therapy services by a team of skilled and experienced therapists in a clean, well-equipped, attractive environment.  Thank you Mae, Ed, the PT assistants and the front desk staff.  You are all so caring and attentive, keeping the well-being of your patients your first priority.  The tri-weekly physical therapy sessions have been wonderful; strengthening my leg muscles/tendons and relieving my tendonitis shoulder pain.  The collaborative team approach in developing a personalized care plan, utilizing innovative technologies, results in an immensely satisfying therapeutic experience.  I would not hesitate to recommend Navesink Rehab for physical therapy.  Their services are the best!

-Vicki B.

The staff is very professional and concerned about your comfort and progress.  After 3 weeks I have improved greatly and look forward to continued success!

-Christine R.