Power Plate

A technologically advanced and efficient way to improve patient well being

Power Plate, the worldwide leader of whole body vibration therapy, provides a wide variety of benefits for users of any age and any physical condition. As a non-invasive modality, this technology addresses a broad range of debilitating symptoms and speeds recovery tine, for a quick return to normal daily functions. Perfect for those diverse backgrounds and physical conditions, the whole body vibration technology behind Power Plate provides health, recovery and rehabilitation benefits in a safe and effective way leading to improved quality of life.

Technology backed by research, proven by science

Our technology has gained acceptance from major medical, rehabilitation, and therapeutic centers around the world because decades of research have gone into the creation of Power Plate products and training procedures.

Here’s how it works:

The vibration technology behind Power Plate enhances motor unit recruitment and synchronization resulting in increased force production and efficiency of movement. Power Plate creates 25-50 vibrations per second forcing the body’s kinetic chain to respond each time, requiring stabilization, coordination, strength and endurance.

In response to the vibration stimulus, individuals can produce up to 95% of the voluntary force potential while performing safe and pain free movements. These positive outcomes are made possible by the multi-dimensional stimulation of the body’s natural reflex arc allowing sensory motor functions to be created and developed at a subconscious level.

The vibrations produced by Power Plate trigger neurological responses in muscle, which stimulate sensory receptors to illicit, a “tonic vibration reflex.”  When using Power Plate, the recruitment threshold of motor units is lower when compared to the threshold during voluntary muscular contradiction. More importantly, involuntary contractions occur in response to the vibration stimulus. Therefore, patients with limited mobility can benefit just as much as patients who are more agile.

Power Plate creates a level of proprioceptive stimulation complementary to the demand of Earth's gravity without excessive loads being placed on the musculoskeletal system. 

A better way to treat rehabilitation and chronic pain

Power Plate has demonstrated benefits in patient rehabilitation and in the management of chronic pain. Healthcare professionals, including chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists, have reported the following improvements;

  • Decreased overall and specific pain
  • Quicker recovery of damaged muscles and tendons
  • Faster recovery post stroke/CVA
  • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic return
  • Accelerated recovery of the tissues post ACL reconstruction
  • Improved neural plasticity and sensory motor function in spinal cord injury
  • Reduced pain, improved mood and increased activity levels in patients with fibromyalgia

Fresh technology for rejuvenation

As the aging population continues to grow in size, the demand for products to improve overall health, quality of life and longevity grows with it. Whole body vibration from Power Plate delivers measurable results the aging population is looking for. In fact, healthcare professionals have reported benefit in conditions ranging from debilitating chronic illness to simple cosmetic concerns, including:

  • Improved spinal stability
  • Improvement in metabolic function
  • Improved muscular tone and stability
  • Improved balance and falls prevention